Local Squirrels 
Rock Squirrel Release
Arizona Gray Squirrel
Alberts Squirrel
Mating Season: 



Gestation period: 

1 Month


Birth Period: 



Litters per Year: 



# of Young Born: 

3 - 12


Raising the Young: 

Raised by mother and weaned at 2 months.



*Rock Squirrel:

Diurnal. Social and live in colonies. Most active un warm weather during early morning and late in the day. They retreat to their burrows during cold winter periods and remains dormant most winter, emerging on warm days to gather and store food. 

*Round Tail Ground Squirrel:

Diurnal. very social lives in colonies but they have individual burrows, and other squirrels are chased away if approaching too closely. Males are dominant during the breeding season and females during the period of raising the young (March to April). Look similar to prairie dogs.

*Harris's Antelope Squirrel:

Diurnal. not social creatures, despite the appearance of communal living. These squirrels are never found in groups, they remain alone, dispersed far from each other. Many shallow divots in the dirt are an indicator of their activity. They resemble a chipmunk. 



*Rock Squirrel:

1.5 acre

*Round Tail Ground Squirrel:

1 acre

*Harris's Antelope Squirrel:

3/4 acre



*Rock Squirrel:

(omnivore) feeding on seeds, mesquite beans and buds, insects, eggs, birds, carrion, and a variety of fruits, including the fruit of barrel cactus and prickly pear.

*Round Tail Ground Squirrel:

(omnivores) includes a big proportion of green vegetation (80% or more), and also seeds and some insects. They are also known for cannibalism. 

*Harris's Antelope Squirrel:

(omnivore) desert vegetation, seeds, insects, and mice. 


Life Expectancy: 

*Rock Squirrel:

9 years

*Round Tail Ground Squirrel:

8 years

*Harris's Antelope Squirrel:

4 years


Fun Facts:

There are 5 species of squirrels living in Tucson:


*Rock Squirrels:

They can play an important role as plant dispersers by burying nuts and seeds they consume then forget about them.


*Round Tail Ground Squirrel:

They look like prairie dogs. 


*Harris's Antelope Squirrel:

They look like chipmunks. 

*Arizona Gray Squirrel:

They are only found in the southern mountains.


*Albert's Squirrel:

They are only found in the southern mountains.

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