Mating Season:

January - February


Mating Preferences:

Males are Polygamous. Females are Monogamous. 


Gestation period:

2 months


Birth Period:

April - May


Litters per year:



# of Young Born:

3 - 5 kits/cubs   


Raising the Young:

After about 3 weeks, the kits/cubs begin to open their eyes and their ears become erect. By the time the kits/cubs are 6 weeks old they can typically run and climb proficiently. At 8 weeks, they leave the nest with their mother and are eating solid food. By the time they are 4 months old, the raccoon kits/cubs are typically weaned from their mother. Some young stay with their mother until late autumn, but are all driven away before the next litter is born.  Male raccoons have nothing to do with raising the cubs



Raccoons are nocturnal and sociable animals. they usually den and feed with others. they are typically solitary. Raccoons do not hibernate but may sleep several days to a couple of weeks during extremely cold weather, emerging on warm days to feed. 



During time kits/cubs spend with mother, their range is from 1/2 - 1 mile from home. Adult males occupy territories of 3 to 20 square miles depending on the size of the habitable area. Females occupy 1 to 6 square miles.




Small mammals, birds, rodents, carrion, fruit, nuts, insects, eggs, fish, etc…


Life Expectancy:

2 - 3 years 


Fun Fact:

The black markings around their eyes help them see clearly by absorbing the incoming light, weather at day or night, the dark bands of fur reduce glare that would normally obstruct ones vision (same concept as an athlete who paints black stripes under their eyes during sporting events).

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