Mating Season: 



Incubation Period:

3 weeks

Litters per Year: 



# of Young Born: 



Raising the Young: 

The young are raised by both parents until they leave the nest at 1 - 2 months. The adult female may lay another I to 2 eggs even before the young birds have left the nest. 



Pigeons are highly intelligent social animals that live in the groups of 20-30. Pigeons are attracted to open areas where they can find food on the ground. Pigeons peck at food on the ground and drink by placing their bill in water



Pigeons are non-migratory, meaning that they are born, live and die, all in the same place. Once a building becomes home to pigeons, they are there for life. 



Seeds, corn, wheat… They’re also opportunistic eaters, meaning, they are willing to sample a wide variety of foods.


Life Expectancy: 

15-30 years


Fun Facts: 

Pigeons are non-native.

In fact, they were brought over by early European settlers for the purpose of being used as messengers, because of their excellent homing ability, meaning, they are able to find their way back home from great distances.

They were also used as mail carriers during the First and Second World Wars where they saved numerous lives by delivering crucial information on the enemy's fire!

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