Mexican Hog-nosed Snake


(Comparable to a bee sting considered harmless to humans)


Distinguishing Features:

(Medium-sized snake) up to 2 1/2 feet long.

Stocky snake.

Tan-colored skin with brownish blotches.

Blotches that run along the center of the snake are larger and fainter in color.

Side blotches are smaller and darker.

Tail is banded.

2 dark brown bars run across face between the eyes, the upper bar runs to the mouth.

Underside is checkered with black and yellowish rectangles. 

Underside of tail is black.

Enlarged sharp-edged upturned snout.

Large head with round pupils.




Oviparous. Produces up to 23 eggs in the summer.



Primarily diurnal and crepuscular. Also may be nocturnal during warm nights. Active in summer and fall. Slow-moving snake. Plays dead going belly-up as a defensive mechanism often even producing blood from the mouth. Rarely bites when handled.



Deserts and flat-lands of south-eastern Arizona



Hibernates in winter.



Toads, frogs, lizards, small snakes, rodents, eggs, salamanders, hatchling turtles, birds, and insects.


Life Span:

12-20 years


Other Facts:

Their mild-venom is excreted through rear-fangs.

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