Kangaroo Rat

Mating Season: 

January - May


Mating Preferences: 

Females mate with more than one partner to ensure successful pregnancy.


Gestation period: 

1 month


Birth Period: 

Every 3 months


Litters per Year: 



# of Young Born: 

3 - 7


Raising the Young: 

Babies spend the first few weeks underground with their mother.



Kangaroo rats are solitary and not social at all despite living in colonies that can consist of up to hundreds of rats. They do not work together and rarely pay attention to each other. They are nocturnal and their nightly activity is dependent on the phase of the moon, tending to become least active during the full moon and more active under less moonlight. They live in complex burrow systems they have dug themselves, with each burrow acting as one specific purpose, such as for sleeping, raising young, living, and food storage. Although they do not require water to live, they are excellent swimmers and live in areas of low rainfall and high summer temperatures. They do not hibernate.



200 - 300 ft



Their primary food is seeds. Mesquite pods, creosote bush, purslane, ocotillo, grasses, succulents, other green vegetation and insects.


Life Expectancy: 

2 - 5 years


Fun Fact: 

There are 22 species of Kangaroo rats in North America. 

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