Harris's Hawk

Mating Season: 

March - June (often year-round)


Mating Preferences: 

(polyandry) more than one male (usually 2) mates with one female and shares in the responsibilities of raising offspring


Egg Hatching Period:

1 month


Birth Period: 

April - July


Litters per Year: 



# of Young Born: 

3 - 4 


Raising the Young: 

Raised by all three adults, associating peacefully at the nest and cooperating in raising the young. The young begin to leave the nest for good around 3 - 4 months, perching nearby. 



Harris' hawks are non-migratory and diurnal. They form social groups, more-so than all other birds) following a strict dominance hierarchy, in which they all aid in the nesting cycle. All members of the group help with obtaining food, defending the breeding territory, and providing nest protection. They also hunt cooperatively which gives them the opportunity to take on much larger prey. 



2 1/2 square miles 



Small mammals such as squirrels and rabbits. Wood rats, kangaroo rats, medium sized birds, lizards., and large insects.


Life Expectancy: 

14 years


Fun Facts: 

Harris's Hawk use some of the most sophisticated cooperative hunting strategies known in all species of birds, hunting like a pack a wolves!

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