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Pocket Gophers are active at daytime all year long, more so during fall and spring, living most of their lives underground. They eat, forage, sleep and have their babies underground, living up to 3 years. They are solitary critters with the exception of mating season.


Pups are born in spring and stay with their mother until they are a few months old, at which time, they will leave their mother and establish their own territories. The number of pups born is dependent of the supply of water. In non-irrigated areas, expect one litter per year, however, in irrigated areas, expect up to three litters per year. Each litter consists of 5-6 pups. Their gestation period is one month. 


Gophers are herbivores, dieting on the tops of plants sometimes, however, they are mostly interested in the roots. When they eat top-side, the gopher will poke itself out just enough to grab a nearby plant to pull the entire plant into their burrow. They can be very destructive when they venture into gardens and landscapes. 


Gopher activity can be recognized by the fan-shaped mounds of dirt they leave behind. They do not leave open holes, instead, they backfill their plug with dirt to keep predators out. Their burrows consist of many tunnels reaching anywhere from 200 to 2,000 square feet and often share their burrows with different burrowing species .

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