Coyote Information

Mating Season:

December - March

(Male coyotes can become more aggressive during this time of year.)


Mating Preferences:

Coyotes are monogamous and maintain pair bonds that can last for several years


Gestation period:

2 months


Birth Period:

Early Spring


Litters per Year:



# of Young Born:

4-7 pups


Raising the Young:

Pups are cared for by the pack they are born into which is dominated by an alpha male and female. The pack can also include offspring from the previous year, along with individuals from other packs that have been accepted into the family. Pups are close to adult size at 9 at which time they may months begin to leave the pack. 



Preferring to hunt by night, many coyotes have been spotted during daylight hours as well. They can often be found traveling along fixed routes and trails in search of prey. 



Up to 15 miles of their den (depending on the amount of food available to sustain them.)  The size of the pack and their home territory will depend on the amount of food available to sustain it. 




Cactus fruit, mesquite beans, flowers, insects, rodents, lizards, rabbits, birds, and snakes. They are known to eat domestic cats and small dogs and are clever enough to learn the daily schedules you keep for your pets, such as times pets go out and eat etc. 


Life Expectancy: 

10-14 years


Fun Fact:

There is an estimated 200,000 coyotes that live in Arizona!

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