Coopers Hawk

Mating Season: 



Mating Preferences: 


many pairs mate for life


Hatching period: 

1 month


Birth Period: 



Litters per Year: 



# of Young Born: 



Raising the Young: 

Raised by both parents. The Male feeds the female for up to a month before she begins laying eggs and then continues to bring food while she incubates the eggs for 1 month. The male then continues bringing food for the young for a couple weeks after birth, leaving food nearby for the mother to pick up and take back to the nest. Young can fly at 5 weeks and are cared for by both parents for the first 2 months, at which time they’re able to hunt on their own and begin to leave the nest for good.



Cooper's hawks are mainly a solitary species and are diurnal, spending most of the time waiting to ambush passing birds. They migrate annually between their summer breeding grounds and their southern winter range, however, both female and male Coopers hawks in Tucson generally use the same areas in winter as they do in summer, and maintain a pair bond throughout the year.



3/4 mile from nest



Mostly birds and small mammals. Occasional snakes.


Life Expectancy: 

12 years


Fun Facts: 

During the nesting period, the adult hawk will swoop down to scare off intruders that get too close to the nest, including humans! This often results in injuries to unsuspecting people. 

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