Bobcat Facts

Mating Season:

February - March


Mating Preferences:

Males are polygamous. Females are monogamous. 


Gestation period:

2 months


Birth Period:

April to May

Litters per Year:



# of Young Born:

1-4 average.  


Raising the Young:

Bobcat kittens are born blind and open their eyes after about 10 days. The female bobcat raises its kittens alone and nurses them for about 2 months before teaching them how to hunt.  The male Bobcat plays no part.



Bobcats are very territorial and are generally seen alone although groups may consist of mating pairs, siblings and mothers with kittens. 



Bobcats stay within 2 miles of their home depending on weather and food sources. In larger areas, they may defend a radius of 12 miles. A lone male bobcat may have a territory that overlaps with female bobcats for breeding convenience.




rabbits, rodents, birds, skunks, snakes, lizards, and the occasional deer, etc. 


Life Expectancy:

3-5 years average.  


Fun Fact:

Bobcats can lunge up to 12 feet in the air to attack its prey!

Bobcat Release

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